Change starts with imagining it, together.

  • In need of an appealing vision?
  • Want to tell an engaging story?
  • Trying to unravel complex stuff?
  • Looking for shared understanding?

In an ever changing world, these needs are more relevant then ever.

And Sketchy Business can help.


Graphic Recording

Sketchy Business joins your event and makes a visual summary on the spot. This can be for example a series of visual notes, a bigger picture or visual interviews. Based on the type of event, the right form will be chosen. After the event, the results will be scanned and available in digital format. This is the perfect reminder for sending to the participants after the event!

Visual Consulting

Together with you and your team Sketchy Business cocreates one or more visualisations. This can be about a new strategy, a compelling vision or a complex topic you’re trying to tackle. Every project will consist of tailor-made, professionally facilitated workshops and will go through several design stages. Not only will it result in tangible visual results which are easy to share, but along the way in the process you will also get a better, shared understanding of the subject at hand. Creating buy-in was never so natural!

D.I.Y. & Capacity Building

Everybody can draw! Once you’ve done that first step to just pick up a marker and start, you will discover the potential of drawing in your daily life. Sketchy Business offers trainings for teams, but also for groups of individuals. Just ask for the possibilities. Learn how to easily sketch figures, arrows and icons so that you can start using it at work. It’s the perfect tool to clarify your thoughts and share ideas with others and of course, it’s a lot of fun!


Graphic Recording:
During a participation workshop with inhabitants of a Rotterdam neighbourhood, Sketchy Business captured ideas and drew them out on the spot.

Visual Consulting:
In order to explain to stakeholders the role of the Nanolab within the scientific ecosystem of Twente, Sketchy Business facilitated the process of making it visual.

Visual Consulting:
The team of GreenHome was developing a concept for a neighbourhood HUB on sustainability for the City of Amsterdam.
Sketchy Business helped them prepare their pitch.


Sketchy Business combines design thinking and live sketching with storytelling and group facilitation. Together with clients, complex problems are broken down into clear visuals, which can be used to build new visual concepts, stories and strategies.

Sketchy Business is founded by Herman Weeda and cooperates with a network of design an facilitation experts - always with the power of visualisation in mind. Because a better world starts with imagining it!