Imagination for changemakers

  • Easily share your vision?
  • Garnering support for your new strategy?
  • Articulate a complex story in a clear way?

Sketchy Business facilitates you to visualize your stories.


Visual Consulting

Together with you and your team Sketchy Business cocreates one or more visualisations. This can be about a new strategy, a compelling vision or a complex topic you’re trying to tackle. Every project will consist of tailor-made, professionally facilitated workshops and will go through several design stages. Not only will it result in tangible visual results which are easy to share, but along the way in the process you will also get a better, shared understanding of the subject at hand. Creating buy-in was never so natural!

Capacity Building - DIY!

Everybody can draw! Once you’ve done that first step to just pick up a marker and start, you will discover the potential of drawing in your daily life. Sketchy Business offers trainings for teams, but also for groups of individuals. Just ask for the possibilities. Learn how to easily sketch figures, arrows and icons so that you can start using it at work. It’s the perfect tool to clarify your thoughts and share ideas with others and of course, it’s a lot of fun!

SDG's in Beeld

Everybody's talking about the Sustainabel Development Goals, what what is it? In this workshop, you and your team will find out. The goal is first to get to know the 17 different goals by playing a cardgame with all the 169 targets. Next, you will make a selection of those cards, which will bring you to the decision making stage: the SDG's in action! More information on


Visual representation of the Circulair innovation programme of the City of Amsterdam. More info

What drives the people from the hematology department of Amsterdam UMC? More info

How is Lab Vlieland turning Into The Great Wide Open into a zero emission festival? More info

New concept and business model for a biological tree nursery. More info

Live event around the question: "How can the city of Amsterdam work on a sustainable public space?" More info

Within Rijkswaterstaat Sketchy Business helped the project team to develop and communicate their story about the 5 big challenges for river management policy.

Together with Sketchy Business, this alliance of infrastructure organisations translated a couple of roadmaps into clear visuals.
More info.

In order to be able to have a meaningful conversation with stakeholders about CO2 emissions from peat area's,
Wetterskip Fryslan has been developing this visualisation. More info.

Together with the local government of Waadhoeke, Friesland, we've visualized the 'Sustainability Agenda' for the coming years.
Picture from Franeker Courant.

In order to explain to stakeholders the role of the Mesa+ Nanolab within the scientific ecosystem of Twente,
Sketchy Business facilitated the process of making this visual. More info.


Sketchy Business combines design thinking and live sketching with storytelling and group facilitation. Together with clients, complex problems are broken down into clear visuals, which can be used to build new visual concepts, stories and strategies.

Sketchy Business is founded by Herman Weeda and cooperates with a network of design an facilitation experts - always with the power of visualisation in mind.

Because a better world starts with imagining it!